Actively Reveal Beauty of Largest Indochina Country - Myanmar

Myanmar (Burma) is the largest but last country opening to the world in mainland of Indochina Peninsular. The diversity of the Buddhist country make a real shake to the travel industry. Myanmar is now believed the hottest destination in the whole area.

Is it easy to travel to Myanmar (Burma)?

Myanmar is a safe and friendly country to travel. Despite of this fact, the public and infrastructure here take time to be convenient enough for travelers go to Myanmar on their own. Book a tour and manage all accommodation as well as flights, transfer in advance are highly recommended. 

Myanmar people

The most important port in and out Myanmar is still Yangon. Most of airlines schedule their itineraries to and from Yangon International Airport. There is another international airport in Mandalay in North Myanmar but there are just few airlines having routs there such as Air Asia or China Southern Airlines.

Do tourists need Visa to Myanmar (Burma)? Yes, most of nationalities are required Visa to Myanmar – except some South East countries’ citizen. Now tourists can obtain Visa online at a governmental portal and pay directly to the authority at since Sep 2014. Otherwise, you can to the closest diplomatic office of Myanmar to apply.

How hard Myanmar Adventure is?

The challenging level of a Myanmar package tour  can be various not only depending on the hardship of the itinerary but on the current infrastructure of the country. For example, travelling by train in other South East Asian countries is easy and comfortable while in Myanmar, it can make the most challenging adventure due to bumping road conditions.

Besides of those feature, Myanmar can offer adventure lovers all types of adventure at every level: from easy discovery culture and nature to hiking, trekking trips deep into jungles, lake and mountains; some attach with real hard adventure even join rafting, mountain conquering in North Myanmar, biking up to 80km per day on dirt road ect. We must say whatever experience a real adventure fan seeks for, Myanmar can offer at its best.

Actively Reveal Myanmar beauty

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