Biking in Bagan

Myanmar Biking Tours

Bagan must be the first choice for biking tours in Myanmar right after any traveler just think about it. This is also one of the best photography places over the world where over 2500 temples and pagodas stood mightily for hundreds of years. The Pagodas and temples stretch out as far as the eye can see. Many tourists were expecting to see a place like no others, and then they were not disappointed about this place. Get up at 5AM to enjoy the sunrise and the so pure fresh air. Rent a bike from the hotel and proceed to the some first temples, Shwe Zi Gon. Since there are more than 2500 temples to explore, you will bike around the whole city of Nyuang U, Old Bagan and New Bagan all day long. It will be a long trip but very well worth it. Please note that must take off your shoes and socks whenever you are entering any temples or pagodas. Your day will close up with a stunning sun set from Shwezigon pagoda where you can fully understand while Bagan is call the land of thousand stupas.

Myanmar Bike Tour Relaxing after Biking day at one of Bagan temples

Bagan sunset after biking Magical Sunset over Bagan

Further than temple and religion, Burmese people are very nice aspect to explore when you are taking pedals. Some villages around the plain are also a very good place to bike. They are living in a very simple way with pure hearts. You will find their smiles anywhere you riding through. Sun rises up, it will be hotter, and you should prepare water with you, if you forget, No problem as you may find some waters on the way in the small huts and it is totally drinkable and free. You should bring a map in case needed, too Biking in Burma can be the best way to access locals. Riding in Bagan with semi-dessert paths leading you deep into remote village which hardly access by cars. And you will find people here are very friendly, you can ask them for water if your bottle randomly run out of, you can ask them for help if you feel yourself in chance of getting lost, they will show you at their best. You also leave even your unlocked bike outside then get into the temples. It is safe for your bike. Just come to Bagan and enjoy an active biking tour then make it fun or real adventure in your very own desire.

 Bagan biking experience
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