Enjoying Travel within Myanmar by flights

travel Myanmar by flight Air Mandalay planes at airport Domestic flight is considered to be the most convenient way to travel in Myanmar, not only because of short duration time (Normally, it only takes you 45 minutes to 1 hour from place to place for almost areas) which save you plenty of time to visit interesting sites but also the cheap air – fare compared to car transportation.

Main airline carriers

These are two main domestic airways company that mostly used in Myanmar, Air Mandalay (http://www.airmandalay.com/) and Air Bagan (https://www.airbagan.com/). It is recommended to book flighta from these two airways for your desired holiday. Otherwise, you can also try Air KBZ, Asian Wings Airways if there is no flight available with those two.

Check your flights carefully

The flights in and out from 4 main attractions (Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Heho) often included in a Myanmar tour are operated daily, it is easy to check the time schedule if you plan to visit these regions. However, the airways company sometimes can only release the estimated schedule 3 – 6 months in advance, depends on the traveling seasons. From Yangon, you can reach all touristy sites of Myanmar, the second convenient start point is from Mandalay. It is utmost to remember that in some places there is only 1 flight weekly (one in, one out) due to less tourists come there and government restricted visiting times. Some of highlighted places are Kyaing Tong, Myitkyina, Putao and Bhamo.To ensure for not missing any flight, you are recommended to contact before your travel date to get the most useful information in each area. Bagan_Airport

Keep your tickets safe

The sole traveling by flight here can make your Myanmar tours adventures. Your ticket is paper-based ones meaning that you must keep them carefully in a safe place or you may have to re-book, re-pay in any case of losing. myanmar-paper-ticket

Be patient and Enjoy your flight

More interestingly, even it is only 1 or 2 for total traveling time, you still can transfer in a “between” place to wait for others going with you! Also, if there is not many people take the flight for the day, your flight might be delay and you should wait until there are more people can join you. In recent year, many people want to travel Burma to reveal this beautiful country so the issue with cancelling flight is not frequent anymore. Coming to Myanmar and experience flying with us!
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