Myanmar On Arrival Guide

Please note Burmese visa regulations and arrangements are subject to change and it is your responsibility to ensure your visa is in order before you travel. We strongly suggest that you check with the relevant embassies in your country of residence that these guidelines are applicable to you or clearly advise us that you require Visa support to our Sales team

Visa on arrival (VOA):

First thing first, you need a visa to go to Myanmar, no matter what of your purpose. To apply for a Visa, there are two ways:
1.    You are required to send the Myanmar Visa application form by post then wait for another 2 – 3 weeks for the process. Otherwise, Myanmar government allows you to personally go to Myanmar Embassy to get the visa (The Myanmar Embassy required a physical appearance of the person). The price if you yourself apply for a visa is $20 - $30.
2.    You can apply for a Myanmar Visa on arrival through the licensed travel agency and they can handle it.It is required by Ministry of Tourism that VOA applicants must submit the complete travel plan(hotels, guides, travel itinerary and flight information) before they arrive to Myanmar. The price required by the travel agency will vary from $50 - $60.

Who is suitable for a VOA?

- Myanmar Visa on arrival is applied for citizens of the countries where there is no Myanmar Embassy.
- Citizens of listed countries (31 countries) who live abroad, working abroad and do not have chance to reach Myanmar Embassy

What is the appropriate visa to apply?

We can help you to apply for a Tourist visa (which has 3 - month expiration and you can stay up to 28 days) then it is all good to go.
What is the document requirement for a VOA:
•    02 photos 3cm x 4cm
•    Scanned passport
•    International flight to/ out of Myanmar
•    The tour/ holiday/ travel itinerary bookings with local travel agencies or hotel bookings.
•    Place of birth
•    Permanent home address
•    Current occupation
•    Visa Application Form.

Steps by Steps to get a VOA:
   Sending all the listed documents for the travel agency (here, we are).
2.    The travel agency will apply to Tourism Board in Nay PyiDaw (new capital).
3.    We will inform you the receiving and approval status within 2 days. The process to get the visa letters will take approximately 14 days.
4.    We will send those documents to the airline that you will take to come to Myanmar and send copies to you.
5.    Remember to bring the visa letter to Myanmar immigration when you arrive at the airport for check - in.
6.    Pay the visa stamp fee and get your visa at Yangon airport.

Tips and Notes:

•    Due to many public holidays in Myanmar, the VOA process may be longer if your travel date is around that time. As the result, the faster you check with us and send the documents, the sooner we will inform you about the result. (refer more Festival and holidays in Myanmar)
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