Riding Balloon Over Bagan, Myanmar

balloon ride at Bagan Myanmar Balloon Festival Over Bagan[/caption] The enchantment of Bagan has inspired visitors taking Myanmar tours for years. Now "Balloons over Bagan" offer visitors a unique opportunity of to see one of most Popular Archaeological Sites, as it never has been seen before. The flight on Balloon lasts about one hour; the ride could be longer due to the wind. The whole experience with hotel pickup, breakfast and champagne at the launching ground, the actual flight and the touchdown would take up 2.5 to 3 hours. The balloon ride includes drifting over a panorama of a thousand ancient pagodas, silent in the shadow of low-slung mountains and against the banks of the mighty Irrawaddy river. Scattered below you, these fabulous spires start to glow with the dawn, and then flame with vibrant color as the sun climbs over the far horizon. myanmar bagan balloon Ready to take off the Balloon There is safety and comfort experience which is handed by Balloon Over Bagan’s pilots. They have mastered their piloting and give attention to every detail; checking, re-checking, counter-checking the weather conditions, reports of clients’ statistic, and so on. The capacity will increase with the introduction of a larger 12 passenger balloon. Continuing to operate a maximum of three balloons at any one time. Total capacity will therefore increase to 28 passengers per flight during the months of November, December, January, February and March, and will increase to 20 passengers per flight during October Be one of the few tourists taking BOB included in your Burma tours! Decided by the experts and pilots on weather conditions, you will notice how cautious they are. Safety is already assured by taking this fact into account. In the high season or Peak Season, starting from October to February, the bookings for this special balloon Myanmar tour are jammed and reservation should be done way ahead. At that time, the Balloons fly up for the sunrise as well as for the sunset. Myanmar Balloon in Mandalay
In the case Balloon Over Bagan is fully booked, there will be an alternative plan in Mandalay. A new company, Oriental Ballooning, will start the 25th of October flying hot air balloon above Mandalay. Oriental Ballooning will soon start flying also above Bagan and then above Inle Lake. So far, for Bagan and Inle, the flying date is not yet published. Truly the adventure of a lifetime, no Myanmar adventure could be complete without a balloon flight over the fabulous jewel that is Bagan
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