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Myanmar Active Travel Guide

Be prepared for the different way of travelling you will encounter in Myanmar, the beauty of being here is in not knowing what will happen and in the understanding that both you as a traveller, alongside the local people are helping to bring about a new beginning (providing tourism does not eventually ruin the country which is a current concern).

Here’s us list of handy things you should know before you jump head first into a place which traveler described as “unlike any land you know about”…

Myanmar Travel Guide for 5D4N Tour to Buddhist Place in This Summer

Myanmar is one of the largest tourist attractions in South East Asia and is the destination for many tourists around the world. To get the most out of Myanmar travel guide, you can follow this article to get specious information for your tour. 

River Cruises Myanmar Being Suggested for Tourists to Enjoy Best Holidays

Myanmar is a diverse country which not only offers long coastal line but also a wide network or rivers which flow from China to the Bay of Bengal. The river cruising in Myanmar is defined as one of the most rewarded experience which allows you to absorb in magnificent landscapes and appreciate the real local life, culture during the river cruises Myanmar.

Visiting Sule the Most Ancient Pagoda for a Myanmar Package Tour

Myanmar is the country of Buddhism, with more than 90% of the Buddhist population. Therefore, it is not difficult to see temples and pagodas all over the roads to every city. From every corner to small junctions, or on the cliffs, temples or pagodas are an almost symbolic image for this country. Going there for a Myanmar package tour, never forget to visit a notable pagoda-like Sule.

Top 12 And 1 Dishes to Be Suggest for an Enjoyable Myanmar Package Tour

Myanmar is a new exotic tourism destination. Here are top 13 Myanmar food you should try when your travel in this compelling country. Spend Myanmar package tour in a standard hotel and enjoy these delicious meals.

Surprising Things Being Revealed for Tourists to Enjoy Best Myanmar Tours

After many years of being isolated,  Myanmar has rapidly been developing into a brand new tourism hotspot across the Southeast Asia.  It definitely owns some outstanding characteristics that you can sooner or later learn from tours to this beautiful place full of generous and nice people. Just take best Myanmar Tours right now!

Best Shopping Malls Being Suggested Visiting During Cheap Myanmar Tours

If you have yet to have any idea of where to visit and go shopping, you should not be worried because our tips are always available for you. Here are the most famous shopping malls in Burma in which you will see many rare and high-quality things for your cheap Myanmar tours:

Myanmar Adventure Tours by Train to Make Tourists More Interested

Trains can be one of the most attractive means of transport to have Myanmar adventure tours because they offer tourist beautiful views and opportunities to meet the locals.  Carriages for upper class or overnight sleeper can sometimes mean a convenient trip.

Taking Best Myanmar Tours During the green Season to Become a Trend Among Tourists

There is no surprise why a lot of tourists look forward to their best Myanmar tours during the periods from October to March. This is the time when there are ideal conditions in terms of climate, with clear blue skies, convenient weather as well as low levels of humidity.

Ecotourism Sites to Become Ideal for Tourists to Take Myanmar Escorted Tours

Myanmar is recognized as a hotspot of biodiversity. Many tourists are being encouraged to take Myanmar escorted tours to sites of ecotourism which show protected areas with values in terms of commerce and help create economic advantages to locals.

Travel Tips for Shopping to Be Suggested for Myanmar Adventure Tours

Taking Myanmar adventure tours, tourists will not only drop their jaws with exotic beauty taste delicious cuisines, but also experience shopping for gifts before you come back home. A lot of must-buy items have been suggested for travelers but could they research for some shopping tips in Myanmar? 

Myanmar Escorted Tours Offering a Chance to Know More About Puppetry

Myanmar puppetry is popularly known as yoke tha ( This is a loose translation from the  “small performance”). This contains special elements in comparison with other marionettes in the world. A wide variety of 27 characters together with stories they display make the fact that Myanmar puppets can get around circularly, unlike in other countries' puppetry in a perpendicular way. So, this is so worth exploring during Myanmar escorted tours

To Do List Myanmar 5 Most Exciting Way to Explore Mandalay Charm City

Mandalay is one of the best charm city in Myanmar you should visit when you come this country. Like many things, you should do include: eating street foods, visit beautiful sites, explore unique traditions, etc. To build a “to do list Myanmar” is a must not miss any interesting things on your tour. Let’s see some good “candidates” for your list. 

What to Do in Myanmar for a Bagan Trip to Be Interesting the Most?

There is always a popular question raising in mind of every tourist when they come to Burma for a trip tour, which is “Where should I go?” or “What to do in Myanmar?” Continue with the topic of best places to visit in Myanmar, this today article will lead you to another very famous and beautiful city in here – Bagan. If you are planning for a Myanmar tour, you should consider this suggestion because a tour to Bagan will definitely leave a good impression on you. Let’s name some most outstanding features of Bagan which can attract foreign tourists to this land. 

Important Things for Tourists in Yangon Sightseeing Tours

Yangon is widely known as the former capital of Myanmar. It attracts many tourists all over the world to come and visit because of its own unique beauty and a lot more interesting features to explore. To many Myanmar tours, Yangon is chosen as the starting as well as the ending point. However, not many people know about the best tips when going to visit and enjoy their Yangon sightseeing tours. Therefore, this article will provide you with more detailed information for a trip to Yangon.

Notable Things When Coming to Visit Pagodas in Myanmar Adventure Tours

When coming to visit any country in the world, tourists must learn the basic knowledge about the cultural behaviors of that country to make their trip more comfortable and interesting. Myanmar people are very religious and they respect religious works. Therefore, coming to Myanmar adventure tours, visitors should pay attention to certain rules when visiting the pagodas in this country.

Useful Notes When Visiting Inle Lake in a Myanmar Package Tour

Myanmar is attractive to tourists all over the world not only for its beauty in pagodas, temples and majestic mountain ranges but also for stunning lakes. Among the most well-known lakes in Myanmar, Inle Lake is the places which attract the most tourists to come and visit every year. Imagine why this lake is so loved by foreign tourists, you just cannot ignore its beauty combines with the mountains nearby and the boats flowing slowly on the surface. All of them create a very poetic and picturesque scenery for this tourist destination in a Myanmar package tour. What is more, traveling on Inle Lake by boats, you will also have a chance to enjoy the fresh air and weather among a very hustle city of the developing Myanmar. The hospitality and friendliness of the local people with their unique lifestyle and custom will also be an attractive feature to hold you there.

Myanmar Travels & Tours - All About Mandalay

Mandalay once was the capital of Myanmar and the second largest city after Yangon. It is centered around the Royal Palace where located in North area of Myanmar about 564 km from Yangon. Even the lanes there are wide but the main vehicles of this city are motorcycles and bicycles. Come to this land on your Myanmar travels & tours, you will be impressed by its cultural diversity, the rich in history and bustling life.

Mrauk U “forget Heaven” Wait for You to Explore on Myanmar Travel Tour

Mrauk U is a centuries-old city which is the best for historical Myanmar travel tour. There are hundreds of abandoned temples and pagodas place along northern Rakhine State hilltops create an amazing sight.

Myanmar Package Tour - Ngapali Dream Beach for Trip

Ngapali is one of the most well-known beaches of Myanmar with crystal clear water. This beach is also the "must-visit" place with tourists on Myanmar package tour. Let's see how fancy it is.

Myanmar Tours to Putao to Become Popular Among Travelers

Putao lies in the northern town of Kachin State, on the Namlaung River bank. It takes about 4 hours to fly from Yangon. This is a beautiful town which is surrounded by mountains filled with snow. Around its outskirts, tourists can see a lot off of exotic orchids and birds. 

The climate in the town of Putao is cold all around the year so you will always see mountains which have been covered with snow from a distance. The ranges of mountains which are near Putao will quickly get icy while the groves had become reddish already. Your Myanmar tours will help fulfill yourselves with the beauty of Mother Nature such as icy snow-capped mountains and various ethnic minority tribal people in the north of Myanmar. In this town, you will see many kinds of rarest species, floras, and faunas in the world. From November to December, water gets to freeze because of frigid temperatures, then the ice stops being frozen in April

Myanmar Cruise Tours to Naypyidaw to Become Popular Among Travelers

Naypyidaw has been the capital of Myanmar since the year of 2005, and tourists are always welcomed on Myanmar cruise tours.

The literal meaning of its name is Place of the King or the wonderful land. The distance between the modern capital and Yangon – the former - is 320 kilometers. Nowadays, Naypyidaw is the third biggest city in Myanmar, to Yangon and Mandalay. It used to be quiet with a small fraction of people, but it has now become the center of administration throughout the country. It is also ranked top ten strongest growing cities all over the world.The literal meaning of its name is Place of the King or the wonderful land. The distance between the modern capital and Yangon – the former - is 320 kilometers. Nowadays, Naypyidaw is the third biggest city in Myanmar, to Yangon and Mandalay. It used to be quiet with a small fraction of people, but it has now become the

What Are Special Features for Cheap Myanmar Tours to Monywa?

There are indeed many places to go and visit in Myanmar, each of them has its own attraction to impress tourists. For a developing beautiful country like Myanmar, there will be various choices for you as places to go and visit. What about cheap Myanmar tours? Is there any special place for us to spend time and enjoy the trip? This article will also lead you to one of the cities that is attractive in its own way. You will know in detail the most important information about this location and by that, you will have another choice for your list of places to come and visit in Myanmar. The name of this city is Monywa.

Visiting Pottery Workshops at Twante Becoming Ideal for Myanmar Tours

In every corner of a society full of mods and gadgets as well as automation, many traditional practices all over the wold have fallen into oblivion for times. However, due to the fact that Myanmar was closed for years from other countries, several skills of Burmese people are still in their primary form. Not only for tourists on Myanmar tours, these skills are also maintained for raising families. 

Nay Pyi Taw (Naypyidaw) to Be Worthy Myanmar Luxury Tours

Nay Pyi Taw has been Myanmar capital city since the year 2005. Huge gaps between few ministries, malls, government buildings and hotels become the feature of this place and there are separate ‘zones’ having hotels preferred by a foreign tourist. These hotels are placed in hotel zones which are quite ideal for you to take Myanmar luxury tours.

Shopping Handicrafts Making Best Myanmar Tours for Tourists

For those who are interested in an exotic culture of shopping, Myanmar is an absolutely suitable choice. Various ethnic groups across the country have spent many years on revolutionize procedures which help to produce attractive handicrafts from local materials. These handicrafts are a symbol of traditional culture as well as heritage. Whether or not you are eager to buy souvenirs for your own loved ones, for decoration at your home or offices, you should demonstrate your skills of bargaining in Burmese authentic markets, which can be a source of educational and satisfactory experience and make best Myanmar tours.

Enjoy Perfect Sunset Sight on Top of Mandalay in Cheap Myanmar Tours

Myanmar is one of the very few countries that still remains many of its wildest natural attractions, which are being turned into a "specialty" by the Burmese. Visitors, if they are interested in cheap Myanmar tours, can choose to come to Mandalay city and spend all their day visiting many places such as the temple retaining the classic stone Tipitaka, the ancient wooden pagoda Shwenandaw, Mandalay Castle, the gold manipulating or stone carving traditional village. Nonetheless, they may all end up with valuable moment watching the sunset sight on top of Mandalay Hill, which is highly recommended for an impressive Myanmar travel tour.

Inle Lake Heaven on Earth From Myanmar Holidays

Inle is a freshwater lake, which is about 600 km from Yangon. It is one of the two largest freshwater lakes in Myanmar with the inhabitants living mainly on the lake. Inle (or Inlay) means “big lake” in Burmese. It is located in the center of Shan, about 40 kilometers to the South from Taunggyi, the capital of Shan state. The lake is about 889 meters high to the sea level. It is surrounded by high mountains and has the acreage up to 220 square kilometers. The deepest point is about 6 meters and the water levels changes between a dry season in May and rainy season up to 1.2 meters. Going to this place in your Myanmar holidays, this article is a good guide for you.

List of Myanmar Festivals to Choose for Your Private Myanmar Tour During the Year

Myanmar is famous for its religion with many festivals all around the year. It is not difficult to have a great Myanmar private tour if you choose the right time to visit. This writing is what you should read before taking your package and go.

Buddhist Temples and Pagodas to Get Popular With Myanmar Tours

Temples play an important function in Burmese people’s life because most of Burmese are  Buddhist. On Myanmar tours, you should come to the temple and pray, send flowers and burn incense sticks, or you can also ask to seek a monk for advice during vital events like Buddhist holidays and cremations. Many men at young ages have become monks, regularly for a short time. Every morning, they leave their temples and walk through a lot of streets while holding an alms bowl to receive merit like food from villagers.

List of 7 Things About Myanmar, Myanmar in General

Myanmar, beautiful Asia country with mysteries which appeal thousands of people visiting every year. You are one of them, who are willing to take your package and go for a Myanmar tour, how much do you know about Myanmar? Let’s see this list below to check.

Facts About Traditional Clothes Being Revealed and Make Myanmar Tours More Interesting

Myanmar is a country with about 135 ethnic groups. Out of them, Shan, Bamar, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Mon, Kachin, and Rakhine are the main races. All of them bear their own tradition, dialect, culture, legendary as well as traditional costume, and this promises to bring you interesting Myanmar tours.

Best Myanmar Tours to Be Spent Exploring the Beauty of Classical Dance

For tourists on best Myanmar tours, they can explore the early days of Burmese classical dance. This dance may seem clear, but the present technique has developed through more than 1,500 years, taking into a lot of elements of earlier Mon as well as Puy before officially becoming part of the Burmese. 

Private Myanmar Tour to Be Filled With Excitement From Traditional Music

Like any other nation in the world, Burmese traditional art and culture are a reflection of outstanding features and they help to attract more tourists on private Myanmar tour. Traditional music in this country is not only about large numbers of instruments in music but also about its beauty in the eyes of tourists visiting Myanmar.

Irrawaddy River Cruise to Make Myanmar Luxury Holiday More Desirable to Tourists

The Irrawaddy River is important in shaping the history of Burma; this is the lifeblood of economy. This is because it helps attract thousands of tourists on their  Myanmar luxury holidays.

Myanmar Adventure Tours Getting Popular With Families With Various Attractions

As an adventurous tourist,  you can take Myanmar adventure tours to explore this fascinating destination with an ancient beauty coming from various pagodas and temples. This is a good chance for you to learn about unique traditions as well as lifestyles of ethnic. 

Tourists Taking Must know Travel Tips 2017 for Best Myanmar Tours

Myanmar is an incredible country because it is changing at a fast pace and people are attracted to visit it soon. With a tourist map, you can explore the beauty and enjoy best Myanmar tours.

Myanmar Tours on 5 Strange Things in Myanmar You Should Know

Myanmar has been a promising land for many foreign visitors in recent years. Coming to this beautiful country on your Myanmar tours, you not only have the opportunity to explore the rich Buddhist culture, but you also have the chance to experience the unique traditions that are only alive in Myanmar. Let's explore top 5 unique traditions of Myanmar with us. 

Myanmar Tour to Yangon: Where to Go? Which Places to Visit?

Yangon, also known as Rangoon, is ancient capital of Myanmar. Its beauty is the harmony of both modern life and ancient life. With many buildings in different designs, trees along the streets, beautiful parks and cool lakes, Yangon becomes more and more attractive to tourists all over the world. As the name “Garden City of the East”, Yangon will really make your hot days cooler with its beauty. These are some recommendation you can check out before starting your Myanmar tour to Yangon.

Myanmar Tours to Be Ideally Spent on Top Favored Festivals

Myanmar’s festive events range from solemn Dhammasetkya, marking the beginning of Buddhist Lent, through to the manic Thingyan water festival and the incredible Thadingyut festival of lights. Here are several important festivals for you to enjoy Myanmar tours.

Things to Do During Best Myanmar Tours to Be Suggested for Travelers

Myanmar is recognized as truly Asia with a lot of things to enjoy. If you are planning for your best Myanmar tours and do not know what the best ones to do. Why don’t you look at this list?

Top 3 Fun Things to Do When You are on a Myanmar Travel Tour in Yangon

Yangon Myanmar is an attractive spot with travel lovers all around the world. Go on a Myanmar travel tour to this particular place to get your own colorful and unforgettable memories. 
But first, let see top fun things you shouldn't miss when you are here. 

5 Most Things of Myanmar to Complete Your Myanmar Adventure Tour

Like other countries all over the world, Myanmar, the Buddhist Asia country also has its own culture to distinguish with others. This country is not only famous because of its pagodas and temples, but also because of its most things. Top 5 following things are what you should care to prepare for your Myanmar adventure tour.

Visiting Mount Victoria to Make Your Myanmar Tours Become Interesting

Mount Victoria, which Burmese people usually call Nat Ma Taung or Khonuamthung, is situated Nat Ma Taung National Park. This park is one of the most beautiful and visited, it is also the shelter for various rare but beautiful animals, vegetaions, and tribal people. This ideal destination for Myanmar Tours was recognized as an ASEAN Heritage Park status as well as being of Outstanding Universal Value by UNESCO.

Cycling Holiday Myanmar to Become Popular Among Adventurous Travelers

Cycling holiday Myanmar is worth trying once-in-a-lifetime. You will have a chance to ride from the Shan Plateau down to the plains and the banks of the Irrawaddy River. Here is a suggestion of an ideal cycling tour in Myanmar.

Hot Air Balloon Trips to Be Now for Having Best Myanmar Tours

Besides boat ships, hot air balloon trips trip can be the most awe-inspiring way to see spectacular spots and have best Myanmar tours. An ideal destination to take and see hot air balloons flying is Bagan, where tourists can truly witness a massive scale of over 3000 temples across the from the air.

Best Choice of Colonial Luxury Hotel to Enjoy Best Myanmar Tours

Belmond Governor’s Residence is famous for being Yangon’s most charming hotel that attracts millions of tourists on your best Myanmar tours. That beauty appears from the moment tourists are welcomed by antique gong chimes at the doors. The hotel lies on a quiet backstreet in the leafy embassy district. It is modeled on a 1920s colonial style mansion, thereby the existence of fan-cooled verandas and hand-carved teak furniture – features of the bygone era of colonial Burma – causes no surprise. 

To Enjoy Your Myanmar Luxury Tours on Oceania Cruises Ships

Oceania Cruises are among the most prestigious travel agency all over the world. Professional crew team and luxurious cruise ship will bring tourists memorable experiences in discovering beautiful destinations. If you desire to explore the country of Burma and enjoy Myanmar luxury tours in an exotic way, traveling on famous ships of Oceania cruises is worth trying. 

To Take Memorable River Cruises Myanmar to the Irrawaddy River and the Chindwin

From a country seen as fairly remarkable, Myanmar is fastly turning into one of the most popular river cruise destinations across Asia. Thanks to drastic changes in political policies, tons of visitors, and cruise lines have been caught attention to join river cruises Myanmar.

Top 5 Yangon Street Food Should Try to Have Cheap Myanmar Tours Ever!

Each country has its own eating culture, different from any other countries in the world. We know about Pho of Viet Nam, Lap Khmer of Cambodia, Pad Thailand of Thailand and Khao Jee of Laos. So what about the food of Myanmar? If you have a plan to visit Yangon, this list of famous food should be with you for a cheap Myanmar tour ever!

Myanmar Package Tour Getting Unforgettable Thanks to Best Things in Mandalay

Mandalay is considered as the economical hub of upper Myanmar as well as the center of Burmese culture. To tourists, there are many things to look forward in this exciting city. So, how can you spend Myanmar package tour in Mandalay? Here is an ideal itinerary:

What to Do in Yangon Myanmar Awaiting to Make Tourists Surprised

Yangon always gets the attention it deserves as one of the most exciting cities in Myanmar. Here is the list of what to do in Yangon Myanmar, which offers a good start or place for tourists to begin exploring the city. 

River Cruises Myanmar - Discover Myanmar River Lives in 12 Days

With thousands of ancient temples spread throughout the country, Myanmar brings to visitors a sense of serene air wherever they are. Here are also fascinating visitors by pristine wilderness, Unique custom of river lives. And the best way to explore this country is going on River cruises Myanmar in 12 days. These are the detail of the journey.

Best Way to Take Indochina Tour Package With Myanmar Tour Company

Indochina tour packages are always the best trips ever with spectacular landscape, friendly local people and rich traditional dishes. If you want to get the best of best Indochina tour, don’t forget to ask our Myanmar tour company for ideal offers.
These are some recommendations of our tour company for you to view. I’m sure that you can find much important information to make up your mind whenever you want to travel to Indochina. 

Myanmar Adventure Tours to Hpa An Awaiting Tourists to Take

Hpa An is the capital of Karen State, sitting on the eastern bank of the Thanlwin river, about 270 kilometers to the east of Yangon. This is a wonderful town with a lot of interesting things to do with surrounding caves and mountains during Myanmar adventure tours.

Best Beaches for Your Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam Adventure Tours

Across South East Asia mainland, there is a variety of exotic beaches for an enjoyable summer vacation. Here are some of the best choices if you are taking Myanmar, Thailand or Vietnam adventure tours.

Enjoying Your Poetic Myanmar Day Tour in Plateau of Bagan

If you have little time exploring Burma, we suggest the plateau of Bagan. This site is famous for its poetic atmosphere, sounds, and colors. That is why we believe this will offer you an unforgettable Myanmar day tour

Good Preparation for Best Myanmar Tours Ever- Thingyan Water Festival

You might find out one of the best Myanmar tours to enjoy in the next few days, but it is advisable for tourists to spend time preparing carefully. Especially when you come to Myanmar for festivals like Thingyan, your preparation can never be enough.

Want to have the best Myanmar tours? Joining festivals is the best choice for you! Festivals are the distinguishing cultural feature in Myanmar. Hardly a month goes by without Myanmar people (Burmese) celebrating a particular festival. Purposes or meanings of festivals are varied; they can be made for merry-making, enhancing traditions, preserving religions, competition or commerce. 

Private Myanmar Tour on Things You Should and Should Not Do ?

You have just had your visa to Myanmar, waiting day by day to start your journey. But do you really find out carefully about this country? Each country has its own culture and taboos. This list can name some things should and should not do to help you have a great private Myanmar tour.

Top Places for Your Yangon Sightseeing Tours This 2017

Known as the biggest city and also the ancient capital of Myanmar, Yangon now becomes a busy trade center of this country. With many great places as gifts of God, this southern city attracts many visitors each year. Now we together check great places for Yangon sightseeing tours, from famous building to traditional markets, famous lake and park and even Yangon street at night. 

Thingyan Water Festival - Dream of Myanmar Luxury Tours Come True

Have you ever desired to dance and sing in floods of water among millions of people? If yes, Thingyan Water Festival for your Myanmar luxury tours is what you should do at least once . This celebration is the biggest in Burma and lasts four days, in order to welcome a happy new year. 

Myanmar Cruise Tours to Thingyan - Harmonic Beauty Awaiting

Among a land of festivals, Thingyan is one of the biggest and most favorite ones in Myanmar. During Myanmar cruise tours, you can learn how people have water fights to welcome New Year in the Burmese way. 

Despite being for the beginning of a new year, Thingyan Water Festival takes place in the middle of April, the hottest time of the year. Now that the Burmese government has made it a legal public holiday, every Burmese citizen, as well as tourists from other countries, have the opportunity to enjoy the Water Festival. It is a time for happiness and friendly attitudes after hard-working days.

Ideal places for hiding from water fights on your Myanmar luxury holiday

Whenever you walk on streets during Thingyan, you can hardly avoid being thrown water onto. Even if you feel it seem to be safe to pass by a quiet street corner, you are still likely to get soaked to the bone due to countless kids waiting to ambush you. However, in Burma, there are still some public sites where you can be sheltered and having a relaxing Myanmar luxury holiday. Places which are generally exempt from water play includes pagodas and other religious grounds.

Enjoy your Myanmar Luxury Tours with Thingyan Food

You might have already read several posts or articles about taking Myanmar luxury tours during Thingyan, covering from its origin, itinerary to survival guide. In this one, we will have an exploration from a different perspective: THINGYAN FOOD. Food and special treats in this Burmese Water Festival are very unique and it is a must-try to any travelers.

How to Enjoy a Myanmar Luxury Holiday During the Soaked Thingyan?

As you know, Thingyan is time for merry-making so it can be very hard to find any offices or shop open during the festival. However, now that there are still some restaurants, hotels and indoor space that will be open for the water festival in Myanmar, you can enjoy your Myanmar luxury holiday with comfort. 

Truly loving Thingyan after Myanmar cruise tours

To Burmese people, Thingyan Water Festival is a start of a new year with wealth, wellness, and luck. In the land of festivals, Thingyan is considered as the merriest one and is of historical importance. You can take cruise tours from 13th to 16th every year in Myanmar. To give you an overview of Thingyan: This is a party at the size of the whole country with seemingly endless water splashes and merry-making.

Joining Myanmar Luxury Tours for Thingyan Special Treat

If you are about to go on luxury tours to Myanmar this April, you will have a chance to celebrate Burmese New Year. It will be a four-day festival which is also called Thingyan Water Festival. This is also a chance to learn how to make Mont Lone Yay Paw - a Thingyan special treat. 

Booking Tours from Yangon for Water Splashing Festival 2017!

Known as a famous Buddhist country, Myanmar has many festivals related to gods. One of the most famous festivals is water splashing festival, which is also known as Thingyan. To travelers, Thingyan must be one of the most interesting things to do in Myanmar

Taking Myanmar luxury holiday of Thingyan Water Festival in Rakhine Regions

Myanmar is a land of festivals. Among them, Thingyan Water Festival is the best suggestion for your Myanmar luxury holiday. However, it is a good idea to experience the festival in different regions across the country.

Top 6 Things to Prepare for your Myanmar Tours

Are you planning to visit Myanmar this 2017? Do you not know much about Myanmar? Any visitors will get some problems if they do not prepare carefully when going to a strange country. These notes bellow can help you have a good preparation before booking any Myanmar tours.  So check it, read it carefully before taking your package and go!

Top 4 Beaches for your Amazing Myanmar Adventure Tours

Myanmar is a religious country famous for its religion and Giant Buddha statues. Thousands of tourists come here every year to enjoy themselves in peace. 

There are also many other great places to discover in this Asia country. Burma has a 2000km coastline with long white sands. Among them, these 4 beautiful beaches should be listed as your destinations for an “adventure tour” in “Myanmar”. 

Top Notch Quality Hotels in Yangon for Your Best Myanmar Tours

Famous as ”London of Asia”, Yangon attracts many tourists every year. It is famous for huge pagodas, beautiful nature and delicate cuisine. In this ancient capital, there are numbers of hotels in Yangon to serve visitors. Among them, of course there are better ones. Here are top “best” hotels to choose before start your Myanmar tours.

Top 7 Strangest Things You Should Know for Myanmar Tours

Every country has its own beauty and different things. Beside famous Water Splashing Festival and huge pagodas, there are many interesting things to know about this Myanmar. Travelers can set up their own trip or book Myanmar tours and gain interesting experences only in this Buddhist Asia country. 

Spending your Myanmar Luxury Holiday during Thingyan Water Festival

Having your luxury holiday well-spent on a trip to Thingyan Water Festival How do you define a Myanmar luxury holiday? Joining a tour of Thingyan Water Festival will offer you the best definition. You might have no idea how it will go beyond the wonderful.

Suggestion for Unforgettable Yangon Sightseeing Tours

If you are wondering which city to visit in Myanmar, Yangon is always a good idea. To make most of Yangon sightseeing tours, you had better arrive there in the middle of April. Thingyan Water Festival in Yangon will make you happier than ever.

Actively Reveal Beauty of Largest Indochina Country - Myanmar

Myanmar (Burma) is the largest but last country opening to the world in mainland of Indochina Peninsular. The diversity of the Buddhist country make a real shake to the travel industry. Myanmar is now believed the hottest destination in the whole area.

Train To Most Myanmar Majestic Bridge

Train travel in Myanmar is generally not recommended for regular travelers. However it is not that bad for short train ride up to 3-4 hours, even it is very fun and brings you real view of local people. We recommend the train route Mandalay and PyinOoLwin for any train travel fans because its stunning scenery along the way and the fantastic experience of real Burmese lives.

Balloon over Bagan - Information & Notes

Balloon over Bagan is so famous itself. To maxmine your enjoyfulness with this stunning flight, take some notes for the most important things. Your adventure starts with a short journey in one of romantic converted vintage buses to a dedicated launch site.

The balloon is guided by gentle winds not exceeding 15 mph, allowing passengers a serene and peaceful bird's-eye view of ancient temples drifting by. Using his skill and years of local knowledge in Bagan, the pilot is able to guide the balloon to a gentle landing where our friendly and experienced crew will be on hand with fruit, fresh pastries and a glass or two of champagne to complete the post flight celebration.

Biking in Bagan

Bagan must be the first choice for biking tours in Myanmar right after any traveler just think about it. This is also one of the best photography places over the world where over 2500 temples and pagodas stood mightily for hundreds of years.The Pagodas and temples stretch out as far as the eye can see. Many tourists were expecting to see a place like no others, and then they were not disappointed about this place.

Facial Tattoo Of Chin People In Myanmar

Myanmar has numerous unusual tribes, who will make you really curious about their quaint culture. If you think about an ideal adventure tour in Myanmar, let challenge and take a journey to the most remote villages. One of the unique tribes in Myanmar is Chin, who are well-known for facial tattoos. They live in distant villages near borders of Chin state. At first, let clarify some features about their “profile”.

Keep your electric items full charged in Myanmar (C/D/F/G)

Prepare for your Myanmar tours will not be completed if you fail to keep your electronic items full charged. Your phone shut down when in emergent calls, your camera running out of battery when you are facing stunning views etc. just because you forget to bring with correct adapter. This guide will give you an insight view of Myanmar electric plugs for your best preparation of your Myanmar holiday.

Enjoying Travel within Myanmar by flights

Domestic flight is considered to be the most convenient way to travel in Myanmar,not only because of short duration time (Normally, it only takes you 45 minutes to 1 hour from place to place for almost areas) which save you plenty of time to visit interesting sites but also the cheap air – fare compared to car transportation.

Riding Balloon Over Bagan, Myanmar

In the case Balloon Over Bagan is fully booked, there will be an alternative plan in Mandalay. A new company, Oriental Ballooning, will start the 25th of October flying hot air balloon above Mandalay. Oriental Ballooning will soon start flying also above Bagan and then above Inle Lake. So far, for Bagan and Inle, the flying date is not yet published. 

Essential Notes when Booking with ActiveTravel Myanmar

Generally talking, a little pre-planning can make your trip go a lot smoother. It is even much more correct for adventure travel, especially for an adventure to Myanmar - a country somehow, out of modern world

Water Adventures in Myanmar

Myanmar cruise and water activities section, listing some most popular programs for your choices. You can take cruise along Irrawaddy river with some off shore excursion, or enjoy beach relax with active kayaking, diving in Mergui. Ff you are looking for a true life-time challenging adventures, rafting in Putao will not let you down.

Flying over Inle Lake, Myanmar by Hot Air Balloon

Inle Lake is the largest lake of Myanmar, nested among mountains of the Shan State. Inle lake is often known as the top places in Myanmar for trekking and adventures. Adding more activities to adventure lovers, ActiveTravel Asia introduce a new product – Inle hot air balloon – for new and unique experience when travelling to Myanmar

Are There No More Cheap Myanmar Tours for a Holiday Package?

After a very short time to open the door for integration, Myanmar has witnessed a rapid change which can hardly be imagined. To the people who used to love a peaceful Myanmar years ago, it is a bit shocking to come back here at the moment to seek for cheap Myanmar tours as it is no longer the Myanmar in the past. One of the most developing sectors in Myanmar’s economy is tourism, which is now facilitated and invested in reaching higher goals. As the result, the price for tourism also increases in a sudden and surprising way.

Myanmar On Arrival Guide

Most of countries such as Australia, UK, US, EU Countries, New Zealand and Canada ect require a visa to visit Myanmar. A visa must be obtained before departing your country of residence (unless you have gone through the official channels to obtain a visa on arrival service). All tourist Burmese visas are SINGLE ENTRY unless you have specifically requested MULTIPLE ENTRY and this is stamped into your passport. Please ensure you have a multiple entry visa if you are entering Myanmar twice.

Best planning tours Myanmar

Here is a short to-do list for you best planning a tour to Myanmar. First come first, get your VISA ready then book your flight including international and domestic. The next can take you the longest time to search and decide: when and where to go. When you done with this, just book your dreaming trip and pack your things...Get everything well-planned but dont over-planned. We will help you work it out!

Myanmar Country Profile

To this day Myanmar, one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the world, is stepping out of a cheered past into a new era of hope and optimism. A country – also known as Burma – hold inside breathtaking beauty and charm only recently emerging into the modern world. 

Main Festivals in Myanmar

Making up of 135 national races, of which the main national races are Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Bamar, Mon, Rakhine and Shan, Myanmar  has many festival taking places all year-round. In contrary to some lack of services during big festivals, you will be rewarded with unforgettable moments that is happened once a year in Myanmar and might be once in your lifetime

Myanmar History Milestones

Archaeological findings reveal that parts of Myanmar were inhibited some five thousand years ago. The ancestors of present-day Myanmars, the Pyus and the Mons established several kingdoms throughout the country from the 1st century A.D. to the 10th century A.D. From that early beginning, there are today a fascinating 135 nationalities who call Myanmar home.

Myanmar Money, ATMs and Card Usages

The official Burmese currency is the Kyat (MMK) and you should plan to use this in most parts of the country, although USD is also widely accepted. Exchange rates fluctuate so we recommend keeping USD and exchanging as you travel.

Best Places & Best Time to Visit Myanmar

Generally speaking, Myanmar is a country able to visit all year-round. You can manage to visit this amazing country whenever your schedule allows and enjoy its beauty in each season. This guide is going to show you the time and places we see most popular among travellers to help you better planning, especially in so-call peak seasons.

Safety Guide for Best Enjoy Myanmar Adventures

Myanmar is a generally a very safe country to travel in and crime targeting tourists is rare. Nonetheless, you should apply common sense as you would when traveling anywhere. Make sure your spending money is out of sight and near your body, and keep jewelry to a minimum. You may wish to use a money belt, especially if you are traveling on trains during your stay.

10 things to know before going Myanmar

Hotel prices has raised up to three times since 2010, a kissing sound to get a beer, men wear skirts without underwear, and so on. There are just few things you should know to before taking adventures to Myanmar. Prepare yourself to enjoy your holiday at its bests

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