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Myanmar Active Travel Guide

Be prepared for the different way of travelling you will encounter in Myanmar, the beauty of being here is in not knowing what will happen and in the understanding that both you as a traveller, alongside the local people are helping to bring about a new beginning (providing tourism does not eventually ruin the country which is a current concern).

Here’s us list of handy things you should know before you jump head first into a place which traveler described as “unlike any land you know about”…

Good Preparation for Best Myanmar Tours Ever- Thingyan Water Festival

You might find out one of the best Myanmar tours to enjoy in the next few days, but it is advisable for tourists to spend time preparing carefully. Especially when you come to Myanmar for festivals like Thingyan, your preparation can never be enough.

Want to have the best Myanmar tours? Joining festivals is the best choice for you! Fesivals are the distinguishing cultural feature in Myanmar. Hardly a month goes by without Myanmar people (Burmese) celebrating a particular festival. Purposes or meanings of festivals are varied; they can be made for merry-making, enhancing traditions, preserving religions, competition or commerce. 

Top Notch Quality Hotels in Yangon for Your Best Myanmar Tours

Famous as ”London of Asia”, Yangon attracts many tourists every year. It is famous for huge pagodas, beautiful nature and delicate cuisine. In this ancient capital, there are numbers of hotels in Yangon to serve visitors. Among them, of course there are better ones. Here are top “best” hotels to choose before start your “Myanmar tours”.

Top 7 Strangest Things You Should Know for Myanmar Special Tours

Every country has its own beauty and different things. Beside famous Water Splashing Festival and huge pagodas, there are many interesting things to know about this Myanmar. Travelers can set up their own trip or book Myanmar tours and gain interesting experiences only in this Buddhist Asia country. 

A Myanmar Luxury Holiday called Thingyan Water Festival

How do you define a Myanmar luxury holiday? Joining a tour of Thingyan Water Festival will offer you the best definition. You might have no idea  how it will go beyond the wonderful.

Suggestion for Unforgettable Yangon Sightseeing Tours

If you are wondering which city to visit in Myanmar, Yangon is always a good idea. To make most of Yangon sightseeing tours, you had better arrive there in the middle of April. Thingyan Water Festival in Yangon will make you happier than ever.

Actively Reveal Beauty of Largest Indochina Country - Myanmar

Myanmar (Burma) is the largest but last country opening to the world in mainland of Indochina Peninsular. The diversity of the Buddhist country make a real shake to the travel industry. Myanmar is now believed the hottest destination in the whole area.

Riding Balloon Over Bagan, Myanmar

In the case Balloon Over Bagan is fully booked, there will be an alternative plan in Mandalay. A new company, Oriental Ballooning, will start the 25th of October flying hot air balloon above Mandalay. Oriental Ballooning will soon start flying also above Bagan and then above Inle Lake. So far, for Bagan and Inle, the flying date is not yet published. 

Enjoying Travel within Myanmar by flights

Domestic flight is considered to be the most convenient way to travel in Myanmar,not only because of short duration time (Normally, it only takes you 45 minutes to 1 hour from place to place for almost areas) which save you plenty of time to visit interesting sites but also the cheap air – fare compared to car transportation.

Biking in Bagan

Bagan must be the first choice for biking tours in Myanmar right after any traveler just think about it. This is also one of the best photography places over the world where over 2500 temples and pagodas stood mightily for hundreds of years.The Pagodas and temples stretch out as far as the eye can see. Many tourists were expecting to see a place like no others, and then they were not disappointed about this place.

Facial Tattoo Of Chin People In Myanmar

Myanmar has numerous unusual tribes, who will make you really curious about their quaint culture. If you think about an ideal adventure tour in Myanmar, let challenge and take a journey to the most remote villages. One of the unique tribes in Myanmar is Chin, who are well-known for facial tattoos. They live in distant villages near borders of Chin state. At first, let clarify some features about their “profile”.

Train To Most Myanmar Majestic Bridge

Train travel in Myanmar is generally not recommended for regular travelers. However it is not that bad for short train ride up to 3-4 hours, even it is very fun and brings you real view of local people. We recommend the train route Mandalay and PyinOoLwin for any train travel fans because its stunning scenery along the way and the fantastic experience of real Burmese lives.

Balloon over Bagan - Information & Notes

Balloon over Bagan is so famous itself. To maxmine your enjoyfulness with this stunning flight, take some notes for the most important things. Your adventure starts with a short journey in one of romantic converted vintage buses to a dedicated launch site.

The balloon is guided by gentle winds not exceeding 15 mph, allowing passengers a serene and peaceful bird's-eye view of ancient temples drifting by. Using his skill and years of local knowledge in Bagan, the pilot is able to guide the balloon to a gentle landing where our friendly and experienced crew will be on hand with fruit, fresh pastries and a glass or two of champagne to complete the post flight celebration.

Essential Notes when Booking with ActiveTravel Myanmar

Generally talking, a little pre-planning can make your trip go a lot smoother. It is even much more correct for adventure travel, especially for an adventure to Myanmar - a country somehow, out of modern world

Keep your electric items full charged in Myanmar (C/D/F/G)

Prepare for your Myanmar tours will not be completed if you fail to keep your electronic items full charged. Your phone shut down when in emergent calls, your camera running out of battery when you are facing stunning views etc. just because you forget to bring with correct adapter. This guide will give you an insight view of Myanmar electric plugs for your best preparation of your Myanmar holiday.

Water Adventures in Myanmar

Myanmar cruise and water activities section, listing some most popular programs for your choices. You can take cruise along Irrawaddy river with some off shore excursion, or enjoy beach relax with active kayaking, diving in Mergui. Ff you are looking for a true life-time challenging adventures, rafting in Putao will not let you down.

Flying over Inle Lake, Myanmar by Hot Air Balloon

Inle Lake is the largest lake of Myanmar, nested among mountains of the Shan State. Inle lake is often known as the top places in Myanmar for trekking and adventures. Adding more activities to adventure lovers, ActiveTravel Asia introduce a new product – Inle hot air balloon – for new and unique experience when travelling to Myanmar

Best planning tours Myanmar

Here is a short to-do list for you best planning a tour to Myanmar. First come first, get your VISA ready then book your flight including international and domestic. The next can take you the longest time to search and decide: when and where to go. When you done with this, just book your dreaming trip and pack your things...Get everything well-planned but dont over-planned. We will help you work it out!

Myanmar Country Profile

To this day Myanmar, one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the world, is stepping out of a cheered past into a new era of hope and optimism. A country – also known as Burma – hold inside breathtaking beauty and charm only recently emerging into the modern world. 

Main Festivals in Myanmar

Making up of 135 national races, of which the main national races are Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Bamar, Mon, Rakhine and Shan, Myanmar  has many festival taking places all year-round. In contrary to some lack of services during big festivals, you will be rewarded with unforgettable moments that is happened once a year in Myanmar and might be once in your lifetime

Myanmar History Milestones

Archaeological findings reveal that parts of Myanmar were inhibited some five thousand years ago. The ancestors of present-day Myanmars, the Pyus and the Mons established several kingdoms throughout the country from the 1st century A.D. to the 10th century A.D. From that early beginning, there are today a fascinating 135 nationalities who call Myanmar home.

Myanmar Money, ATMs and Card Usages

The official Burmese currency is the Kyat (MMK) and you should plan to use this in most parts of the country, although USD is also widely accepted. Exchange rates fluctuate so we recommend keeping USD and exchanging as you travel.

Best Places & Best Time to Visit Myanmar

Generally speaking, Myanmar is a country able to visit all year-round. You can manage to visit this amazing country whenever your schedule allows and enjoy its beauty in each season. This guide is going to show you the time and places we see most popular among travellers to help you better planning, especially in so-call peak seasons.

Safety Guide for Best Enjoy Myanmar Adventures

Myanmar is a generally a very safe country to travel in and crime targeting tourists is rare. Nonetheless, you should apply common sense as you would when traveling anywhere. Make sure your spending money is out of sight and near your body, and keep jewelry to a minimum. You may wish to use a money belt, especially if you are traveling on trains during your stay.

Myanmar On Arrival Guide

Most of countries such as Australia, UK, US, EU Countries, New Zealand and Canada ect require a visa to visit Myanmar. A visa must be obtained before departing your country of residence (unless you have gone through the official channels to obtain a visa on arrival service). All tourist Burmese visas are SINGLE ENTRY unless you have specifically requested MULTIPLE ENTRY and this is stamped into your passport. Please ensure you have a multiple entry visa if you are entering Myanmar twice.

10 things to know before going Myanmar

Hotel prices has raised up to three times since 2010, a kissing sound to get a beer, men wear skirts without underwear, and so on. There are just few things you should know to before taking adventures to Myanmar. Prepare yourself to enjoy your holiday at its bests

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